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Global Duty Free, who have had operations for duty free and bonded store in the sector since 1997 with the intent to bring perfume brands and branded confectionary to the African market. With experience of Africa region and Duty Free market for perfume and confectionary we are passionate to create awareness for perfume and confectionary brands in Africa and take great care to represent each brand through our focused PR, staff training and high end distribution. Global Duty Free is young and over the years have established a reputation of being the most responsive perfume and confectionary distributor in the African market. With more than 15.000 m2 warehouses and distribution center,we facilitate the smooth and timely processing of your orders from inception to delivery. Global Duty Free aims to be quick and efficient so that you have all the benefits of an unbeatable service that we can provide to be the first in the market with products to sell. We have a professional and warm approach to all our customers who due to this have been with us for more than 19 years in this very changing competitive world.